I couldn't know just how true this statement is. I'm so grateful for my dear friend who shared it with me and has stuck beside me through it ALL...

OccupyHifi.org Under ReConstruction:

Some foolz mistakenly thought it was OK to grab a'hold of the Key (digitally) to my personal iCloud account.Now, a gentlemen at Apple said I shouldn't bestow upon them the credit of "hackers." - as they were handed an iDevice with access to the account. 
Trust, or, mistrust, can be a muthafucker it seems. The whole thing sucks (they're still at-it, why I wholeheartedly could give a flying F___ at this point - wasting tons of time for all of us...): 
Everything I ever feared about someone reading my old school analog-journals has manifested because of this breach of my most personal thoughts and dreams.
It's an invasion of the worst sort.
But, I had to make a choice: Dwell in the past that was detailed in those journals, or blaze a new path. It may've taken me longer than some of my friends and family would've preferred - but it's time. It's time to get Back to Basics. In the meantime we got some work to do here as some of the editorials were messed with. I wholly appreciate your patience and for ALL OF THE SUPPORT FROM MY READERS: You have no idea how much it has meant to me.
Everybody Deserves Great-Sounding Music!

We're Here, Like it or Not.

We're OccupyHifiOur collective passion for High-Fidelity grew from our sheer love for the music. Now, are there Gear Heads amongst us? Of course. The gear is, much like the medium, another complex and often exquisite art-form. However extraordinary, and some of the high end audio componentry that plays our tunes are amazing examples of what creative minds can do in a modern age. There's no escaping the simple fact that the gear is merely the vehicle; however. It's the sound of our music that keeps us chasing that audible dragon. Michael Mercer (a.k.a Mercer) Founder of OccupyHifi.org was lucky. He's crossed oceans to DJ in places like The Dungeons in London (Whoop Whoop! - Remembering Bob deRosa). He also worked for, learned from, and befriended two Giants of Hi-fi and Music: Harry Pearson, Founder of The Absolute Sound magazine and Arif Mardin, Producer/Arranger at Atlantic Records and other major labels. He's taken that passion for music and great sound and turned it into a 20-year career of evangelism for both. He works as a writer/reviewer, columnist, social media strategist; and specializes in influencer marketing and primal branding. OccupyHifi is his place to let it all go. We look forward to hosting other artists work as well. We hope you enjoy the ride...

Some folks got bent about the last Occupy HiFi column in The High Fidelity ReportThey took it personally. There was never any intent to insult, or anything alike. The message seems pretty clear to many, and we're movin' as fast as we possibly can. Music consumption, music delivery, even the way we relate to music reproduction/playback has changed significantly since the advent of personal audio (headphone culture). Shit, alot's changed since Mercer wrote that last Occupy column at THFR! Some changes have been good, some not-so-good: But as we all know, the clock only moves forward, and when the world beats ya down, we gotta get back up. This isn't about any ONE of US. It's about the Music. It's also about the Hi-fi community, personal audio AND high-end two-channel (a.k.a in-room stereo). Feelin' like a Nujack? Well: We suggest comin' to school!

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PLEASE Donate to OccupyHifi.org