Writing My Way out

I need to thank one of my closest friends for introducing me to this amazing, anthemic track that's lit a fire under my ass...  It's about fuckin' time ain't it? Nas has been a favorite artist of mine since I was also a young kid growing up in New York - and I feel like this track coulda' been written for me; especially how I'm feeling lately.

Not only that - but I've been saying multiple verses from this song (without knowing of course): Consistently telling this friend things like "I'm runnin' on empty" and I "feel like I got no foundation" as I haven't had the support of my family throughout the last two years until I re-connected with my cousins, aunt and uncle in the South East recently. However: I'm still 3,000 miles away from the peeps I grew up with, the type of friends that I don't have to ask to be there...

So I wanted to scribe this quick note to give a BIG cyber-hug to the few friends that have stood beside me, despite the intense rumor mill and innuendo machine that's been churning out there. I wanna let a particular friend know: I realize I've been but a shell of a man for way too long now. I've said to them, over and over, that I'm not sure what the hell happened, how life got away from me, and how so many supposed friends found reasons to simply walk-away when I was faced with the most difficult challenges I've faced since I was a child...

But: FUCK THAT. It's time to grab life by the balls again and go my way, and that way isn't for everybody. I love music, I love self-expression, and I love the fact that I've spent my entire professional life supporting the efforts of artists and later: Giving it all a try myself. So I fell. Don't we all? I know what I got to do, and thus far it's seemed like an impossible feat. But, enter an artist like Nas again into my life with a track that has me feeling like I did when the personal audio wave was first cresting, and I was fortunate enough to catch that sucker and ride it all the way to this moment.

We've got opportunities before us today with regard to spreading great sound that we couldn't have dreamed-up years ago. It's time I got back into the game FULL-time. Details to follow ASAP - but it looks like I'll be joining the content side of things again...

In the meantime, like the track above says: I plan on writing my way the fuck on outta this shit. My mentor died on my 40th birthday, then I lost my 20-year marriage. And can you believe it (readers here know it) then I lost my brother. IF that wasn't enough? My blog's been invaded, my online privacy's been SHOT TO SHIT. Ya know what??

I'm still standin'...  And this world is not prepared for the man that's rising from these ashes. If you wanna see what's in-store - just keep them eyes and ears peeled folks.

Yours in Sound,


Photo by: Dr. David William Robinson

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