Had Enough CRAZY? Monetizing WITH YOU.

Lets prove em' wrong. Many people think quality appreciators are snobs. Now, if you are a dweeby-snob get the fuck off my page - or, rather, STAY ON IT - But the truth is many of us MUSIC ADDICTS are tired of the ol' school high end audio BULLSHIT. I'm not interested in debate over this either. Truth is: I worked for the man, and most importantly, I honored the man who coined the fuckin' term. GET OVER IT. I have!

Time for things to change yet again. Time is not on our side, as Steven Rochlin often tells me:

So here's the thing:

I gotta keep doin' what I'm doin' HERE.

Audio360.org isn't goin' anywhere for now - but I gotta keep flowin' from my heart because I promised ALL OF YOU READERS that I would! What does that mean? I NEED SOME MORE CHEDDAR! So, I wil be monetizing OccupyHifi.org...  BUT - because I stood for change behind our current President (and I think he's come quite short of that goal) I'm forcing myself to LIVE THE CHANGE I've been writing about with regard to old paradigms and monetization! So here's how we're gonna do things here at OccupyHifi.org:


We're going to provide a list of companies that offered us revenue, asked to advertise, and the companies who's products we really believe in thus far - and YOU DECIDE WHO GETS TO BE IN THIS SPACE!!!!

So I'm apart from that process HERE.

What do you think?

Well - wait til' I tell ya what I think about MrSpeakers Ether planar cans! So LIGHT So FAST So Dynamic - LOVELY... COMIN ASAP.

So, yeah, personal audio OCD ain't easy - but it certainly has its benefits! Lately, even livin' like a Nomadic Heeb hasn't bothered me! As long as I have the right headphone rig (and desktop when able) I got my MUSIC, and I'm good. Add my old school friends and family to that, and I got EVERYTHING I NEED.  This adventures' been a BLAST - and I know I keep sayin' that! Deal widdit' - cuz I'm on a nu skool tip - and if you didn't know already - I got girls movin' their hips...