The Hard Truth: Music & High-Fidelity Just Saved Me

Life is Strange.  I know, that's really original, but it's truer for me in this moment than it's ever been before. is not just one, or two, or three things - all pertaining to personal audio. That's it's focus for sure, but hey, life gets in the way of our art sometimes right? We've all rolled over plenty of speed bumps, and I hit a MONDO bump two days ago! I was asked to leave the spot we planned out for me in the South (US of A)! The worst part is, I have absolutely NO idea what happened. Sounds CRAZY I know. It IS. Don't try to understand - I can't. I will offer this however: If you're a true friend of mine you'd never leave me crying in a yard out front of your home. And that's the only thing I'm sure of. What does ANY of this have to do with personal audio? Absolutely nothing! I just needed to get some shit off my chest. Upward and onward...

OccupyHifi On-The-Road has been a twisted journey, full of awkward moments and righteous ones too. My wifey and I are getting divorced. That's ROUGH. And that's all I'll ever say publicly (well, I was told never to say never by someone very wise) - or that's all I'd like to say...  For those who know me well - you know what you mean to me. For my readers and supporters: YOU'VE ACTUALLY KEPT ME GOING. More than anyone.  And, because of that alone - there have been glorious sonic discoveries along the way! First off, I wanna give a well-deserved shout-out to Ratan for sharing this amazing tweet last week:

Seriously, when I connect with a reader on that level - that's the whole ball game right there.  And I think there're plenty of reasons why Ratan's just as excited about those products as I am. They truly represent a new form, a new (not better or worse - merely different) way of connecting to the music. It's more tactile, more conductive on the edge of this personal audio wave - The music is delivered in such a way that sounds and feels loud hell to us Head-Fiers, but doesn't bother people around us!! JUST that alone is cool - forgot all the other BS.

and with that - Check out my first video short (just pix w/ music playing) from Occupy HiFi On-The-Road - Feat. music by Siskiyou "Best Friends REMIX"  - their full LP coming up!!!!!