I'm "Wide Open"

My favorite part of any review, gear or music, is when I'm describing the experience while listening - so I thought I'd just roll here, kinda' like Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac havin' a next-level spontaneous verbal prose dance. NOT that I could EVER be NEAR their LEVEL - just droppin' it...

"Wide Open"

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When I listen to this sick new track from The Chemical Brothers, a band that means so much to me for so many reasons - one of em': My boy Peter Wohelski, my DJ/production partner and one of my dearest friends, signed The Chems in the US at Astralwerks (he also signed Fatboy Slim - just a couple kinda' influential artists) and obviously, as he said himself: His life has never been the same. At one point Peter and I traversed the globe together, DJing and enjoyin' the hell outta life. It was a magical time, and it was also way too Goddamn short. So I thought I'd try to honor not only the memory of those days, but where we are in life now. As for me, well, I'm holding all that for now - and Peter: He's GOOD. But I miss that Ol' Skool Bastid. 

I also wanna drop these words for one of the OccupyHifi crew: Headphone Princess - cuz she's been an unshakable well of support for what's goin' on here at Occupy.

So here's how I feel when I rock the wicked track above. 

We're on the decks...  I just dropped the track above, at a roof-deck party at the Standard Hotel in LA...  The sun’s comin’ up, and we all got our hands raised. The floor is jumpin', and next thing you know P (as I affectionately call Peter) is back on the mixer, and we're KILLIN' IT. This is what OSB does (Ol Skool Bastids), this is what OSB IS, and who we are (all those at the party): We're the present, the future, we're init'...


Mr. C tearin' it up on the 1s and 2s at on the roof at The Standard Hotel in LA

The pools glistening, smiles are contagious, there’s a vibe in the air, it’s motion, it’s motion in vapors, vapors off the pool, the dancers, the hot meatheads in the corner, the fake-ass biiaatches in the sun - everybody's bobbin' their heads or shakin' their asses. Moments like these, those fleeting moments of un-corruptable joy and happiness (so I'm makin' words up, so the fuck what) are what makes life bittersweet. And it doesn't matter, the bitter, because it ends with "sweet." That's how I feel as I type these words: Like, if I was on a dancefloor right now, P on one side, Headphone Princess the other, P's girl Dorelle beside him, our friend Mr. C gettin' ready to DESTROY THE DECKS, my RedHouse Studios fam is there, and a bunch of Head-Fiers, audiophiles, hippies, punks, gangstas, and geeks - and we're all movin' to the music, and one of em' locked eyes with me - I'd just look over and say "SWEEEET." And that would encompass everything in that moment. And thanks to the Chems for movin' me like this again. It's been too fuckin' long.