Back on the Team at HiFi+ Magazine!

And: Some Updates - - - - 

SO sorry for the delays with Sonic Satori and Mic Drops lately folks...

There are no excuses, but as I've alluded to in recent columns; this is perhaps the most intense transitional period of my life and I don't think I can hide that from you: My loyal readers, the people who've stuck by me through all sorts of crap over the past two decades! Because you know, if you've been following my Sonic Satori column at various publications, or any of my writing since I started in this game, that I lead with my heart. Sure, sometimes that drives the objectivists NUTZ - but, frankly, I don't give a flying fuck. There, I said it...  So sue me.

This is OccupyHifi. Usually I'd offer an apology, and ask that you excuse my language, but if you don't like it - I'm wholeheartedly sorry for my potty-mouth . I'm working on limiting that stuff - and I'll eventually get there. But, trust me, in the meantime you can rest assured that you won't find any expletives in my articles over at HiFi+ Magazine! That's right, for those of you reading this that don't know: HiFi+ is where my Sonic Satori column was born years ago. This is before the publication was acquired by the enterprising Absolute Multimedia publishing family (home of The Absolute Sound and Playback) - back when it was just a London mag. They wanted a "kid from Brooklyn with an attitude to cover pop, electronic, hip-hop, and underground music". Sure, my quote is pretty loose after all this time (this was around twenty-years ago) - but I remember similar words coming from Roy Gregory way back - and I'll have to ask him if he remembers precisely what he said. But it's truly an honor to be asked to re-join the team.

I wrote my first article for them last week, covering this wonderful personal audio event hosted by Questyle Audio at The Source A/V in Torrance, Los Angeles California. The event was Produced by Jason Lord (Co-owner and founder of the Source A/V). I had a BLAST, and you can find my event coverage  HERE at

I'll be sharing all my future articles for them here at Occupy (with links to their site) - and I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

In the meantime, I'm puttin' the finishing touches on my first review of MrSpeakers incredible ETHER-C closed-back planar magnetic cans for publication here at Occupy, entitled MrSpeakers Earns His Name With ETHER-C Part I. Dan Clark and Co. are doing such amazing work I hope the ETHER series sells like MAD. I've also got my new installment of my What is the Future of the High End series coming soon at Positive Feedback, as well as a new Mic Drop! We might turn a few heads with the subject matter - but at this point do you expect anything less??

So, for now: Happy Listening! And have you checked out the Zap Francis EP yet? I'll be droppin' a review of that ASAP.  

Truly remarkable: Alex Cavalli's upcoming portable headphone amplifier (w/ 15 hours of magical Cavalli playback time)