Girls Girls Girls

We need to engage more women into high performance headphone culture. The biggest question is: How the hell do we accomplish that?  We know that girls/women love music too, plus: They hear far deeper into the high frequencies than we do! I'm all for an open-discussion on how we can get together and accomplish this . Thankfully we already have some dedicated female enthusiasts in Hi-fi and personal audio already -  so perhaps we get with them to make a plan. 

I don't know - but talking with, and being around more women at our Head-Fi Meets and hi-fi shows could only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Now, I'm not that lecherous man who wants to stare at women all day - but I think we could use the diversity. If there were more females attending our various events some of us could take our wives!  Alexandra (my wifey) said she felt "out-numbered" (too many middle-aged audiophiles talkin' to her chest - she didn't like it very much :-)  at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest two years ago. And me?? I'm admittedly being selfish here - I want my wifey and my girlfriends (NOT like THAT) to experience their favorite music through high fidelity! They'll spread the word - and then our conventions are no longer sausage fests!!


If you have any ideas of how to make our hobby, and our get-togethers, more attractive to woman - GOT ON IT!!