OccupyHifi Featured at the NEW Positive Feedback + ETHER Update!

We're PUMPED to announce that Positive Feedback has chosen to feature Occupyhifi.org! PF has just re-launched their site, and it looks spectacular. Unlike before, when they were still flying their flag under the Positive Feedback Online banner (as PF was in print for twenty years prior to the web - where it was literally the black-n-white punk zine of the Hi-fi press) the new site features interactivity through comments, and will be updated more frequently. I love the clean look on my MacBook Pro Retina:

Speaking of frequency:

We apologize for the slight lapse in new content this week here at OccupyHifi. We've been SLAMMED trying to get everything lined up for the site launch. I'm sure some of you were suffering from PTSDA Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder-Caused-by-Audio360.orgs-Lack-of-New-Content (or maybe not - being a partner of a website where I can't even post stuff can get a bit annoying)  - but never fear: Jade's got some quick Sennheiser Momentum knowledge we're dropping this weekend - and me (Mercer) - I'm FINALLY tackling the column I'm lovin' to hate:

Regarding my coverage of MrSpeakers ETHER: I also wanna take this opportunity to say that my ETHER series will not contain a mere two parts. This headphone experience is far too important to leave the damn thing to one review or two. The ETHER has (as I've said before), like the LCD-3 before it, re-established what's possible in musical playback through headphone culture. I feel as if ETHER are like an Infinity IRS system, and the LCD-3 are the Genesis 1s: In high-end audio loudspeaker terms, in level of reference. ETHER has been (and I hate this word as MANY of you know) the most accurate set of cans I've listened to.  Now - when I say that, because ironically I think neutrality is bullshit - that's it's ALL subjective - I mean that when I play my own music files back the sound takes me back to the studio experience. That's IT. I can't tell you if they're the most accurate headphones for YOU - because we're individuals - but I can say it for me - and the sonic joyride has been magnificent! So, sorry to Mr. Dan Clark for the delay - but in the long run, I hope to keep sharing more and more insight into these comfy kick-ASS-sounding planar headphones!!!! They also look slick as shit...

To be continued PRONTO!